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When packaging syringes, vials, ampoules, or other parenterals, every second counts. Flexible and efficient solutions are needed: NeoTRAY is a fully automatic packaging machine that works at high speeds. Dividella has incorporated four decades of experience into the development of the NeoTRAY. It combines the advantages of gentle top-loading and fast side-loading while using 100 per cent monomaterial: for efficient and cost-saving packaging of the highest quality.

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Dividella NeoTRAY

Additional information about the new NeoTRAY

A portrait of Christoph Hammer, Managing Director Dividella AG
„Dividella is distinguished by 40 years of experience in developing the packaging and machinery of our top-loading systems as well as by the sustainability and modularity of our solutions.“
Christoph Hammer, Managing Director Dividella AG
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Good reasons to use NeoTRAY.

Here are our Top Three:

Dividella NeoTRAY Icon Format

Individual product packaging and multipacks in the same machine? Packaging formats between 65x35x15 mm and 200x150x95 mm. From syringes to ampoules, vials, and pens – not a problem with NeoTRAY.

Dividella NeoTRAY Packages in record timeIcon

NeoTRAY manages up to 400 packages per minute.

Dividella NeoTRAY – Monomaterial minimises costs

The NeoTRAY packages products in 100 per cent monomaterial, which keeps costs low. With low maintenance costs and easy expandability thanks to the modular construction, it offers excellent cost-effectiveness.

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